Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breakfast is important

get your nutrition on!

Black Milk "?"
I randomly came across this untitled track. If your a fan of Dilla, I know you gonna dig this! Black Milk has been hard at work and carrying on that Detroit sound. A young apprentice of the late Dilla, the man is fierce on the mpc. The choppin' and slicing of soulful samples, with solid drums are laid out in a perfect arrangement. Put this on while you eat breakfast.

Mark Ronson feature Lily Allen "Oh My God" Mark Ronson's new cd is out and it's good from beginning to end. Mark and Lily team up to cover a song by The Kaiser Chiefs, that I've never heard. The track is perfect for some cool out shit. A bottle of wine, some cheese and bread, you know the drilly', or maybe you don't. OMG

Feist "Sea Lion" Chromeo rmx
The catchy chorus and soothing vocals of Feist combined with Chromeo's synth, disco boogie production is flawless. Chromeo really did it on this one. Eventually you will move to this, I know I do every time I hear it. Ladies will definitely feel sexy to this.

The Party - Dallas, Tx

And you thought Dallas didn't know how to get down! Witnes just recently made his debut in Dallas at The Party with the homies Select and Sober. Witnes said, "This was the best time I've had in a long time, Dallas is doing big things!" Check out the pictures from The Party!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Nick Nack tonite at The Flat

My man Nick Nack of ATX will be in the building. I've had the pleasure of knowing ol' boy for a decade and dude is sharp like shark teeth. He's the creator of the Soundcraftsmen record which is an amazing tool for turntablist. Go ask Jazzy Jeff. Nick is on it when it comes to skills. Whether it's live performances, mix tapes, production or design, he's an overall talented individual. His recent project is the DJ friendly website GigaCrate. Get more info on Nick at Crowd Control Records.

Rock Steady Mondays
w/ DJ Sun and Special Guest
Nick Nack and Chicken George
No Cover, 10pm
The Flat

Haterz everywhere we go!

A new mix from our boy Bird Peterson featured on Portand Mixdown. Bird will be in town this week at Rock Box. Come and dance your pain away!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chi State of Mind

Chicago on Blast right now! If you don't know, let me help you. This 1st video I believe produced by A-Track (who is also in the video) is for the group called GLC. This track is nice. If you blaze kush, sip lean, drink or whatever you do to get high, then you really gonna' like it. Here are some other groups to look out for reppin' Chi-Town.

Kid Sister
The Cool Kids
Hollywood Holt

did you know?

We here at Quickwits continue to update you on The Are. If you think you know all about Houston, I think I need to pull your card! Dude is making hot ass beats. And when you get introduced to his production down the line when he has a track with someone certified, yall all gonna' dick ride. yeah I said it. Rappers I Know

Monday, April 16, 2007

and another one....

I feel like I'm writing for Best Week Ever, shhhhii, show me some Best Week Ever money! Any how, It's a "Witnes" and "Squincy Jones" birthday week, hint hint. Things kick off tonight at The Flat, Rock Steady Mondays with DJ Sun and guest DJ Witnes. Mondays are always pop'n off.

Tomorrow night is the free Scion De La Soul show, go RSVP before it's too late. I had a chance to the see the Rhythm Roots All Stars with Ghostface Killa at SXSW, and they killed it! You don't want to miss this show, SERIO!

Want to come out? All you have to do is RSVP ONLINE BY CLICKING THIS LINK RIGHT HERE! RSVP and your name will be at the door.


and after the show head out to The Grab for Talmbout Tuesdays.

Here are 2 links to songs you should add to you playlist!

Devin, Snoop & Andre 3000 "what a job"

Datarock "fa-fa-fa"

Thursday is Rock Box and Squincy Jones official Birthday, Shits gonna be bananazzz!!! The cast from Entourage might show up for this one!..(j/k) I told Squince to go ahead and tell the jobby that he won't be present Friday.

weekend info coming soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The get down start

Throw back video for my folkers out in the Bay.

History lesson: On April 18th, 1906, the Bay was hit with 8.3(Mw) earthquake. One of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States.


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The homies in Dallas at Central Booking recently featured Witnes on their blog. April 20th will be the debut for Witnes up in Dallas at the monthly event "THE PARTY". Stand UP!

In other news, Squincy Jones and Witnes recently finished a new 30 min. mix of Hip Hop tracks only from 1987 and 1988 titled "Do Ya Homework". "I can't stand when I'm playing at the club and some dumb smuck walks up, asking me to play some old school, and I say, ok what is old school to you?, and they some Biggie or Pac....MAAAAYYNNE FUNK DAT, Biggie and 2pac are not old school, this mix right here is old school." says Witnes. They whipped up the mix for an Urb mix tape contest and did not want me to list the track listing so you could, *CHA CHING* DO YA HOMEWORK! Good luck doggies!


Good ol' Bird Peterson just released his lastest project "Hot Noise". If you don't know about Mr. Peter, you best go research. The man is a genius with production that blends Electro/Crunk/Bmore/Breakbeat/Keyboard-Rock and anything else that goes on in that Bird size brain. Bird is the type of dude to go into Whole Foods and drowned himself in some patchouli oil to smell good for the ladies, and if the fact that he's from Texas doesn't sell you on it, I don't know what else to say! Go buy it!

And being that it's hump day, here's the haps for the weekend.

Thursday 04.12.07 - Rock Box @ The Proletariat
903 Richmond drive
3 years and running, there's no other place to be than Rock Box.
The DJ's are on top of their game when it comes to being taste makers and keeping it friendly at the same time.
Resident DJ's Witnes and Dayta
Guest DJ Nonsense
Along with your host The President Reko Trill

Friday 04.13.07 - IT @ Club Riches
Holler at Witnes to RSVP and skip cover
2401 San Jacinto St
Witnes and Squincy Jones are holding it down in the Blue Room. They just recently started in March and the night is growing. This will be the jump-off night this summer.

Saturday 04.14.07 - Movida @ The Flat
1701 Commonwealth
Witnes and Antonio bring that sexy, cool out, feel good music. Funk, Soul, Breaks, Hip Hop and more. Come drink some mojitos and you will be dancing by the end of the night.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

UFC Championship in Houston

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Thats right, this weekend is going to be nutz! A lot of people will be in the city for this event. Not to mention all the pre and after parties going down. And you know they had to include DJ Witnes on it!


Pre-party pornstars lingerie ball with Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz
Ladies in lingerie get in FREE! They are charging $20, if you wanna come, get at me. UPSTAIRS IN THE BLUE ROOM DJ WITNES & SQUINCY JONES. Bottle service, you know all that player ball'n shit.
2401 San Jacinto St, Midtown

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Vaughn Bode Puma Release Party and Rock Box 2 Yurr Anniversary!

Thursday officially started the weekend, I tried to told ya. Here are pic links from the pre-party and after party!!!

The Pre-Party was dope as usual. DJ Witnes on the wheels, sneaker heads, artist...... you know, cats that know wassup! Fader Mag, HoustonSoReal, Aerosol Warfare, Bun-B and a gang of others were all in the building! It was HOT, literally. Free grab bags, free food, free drinks and dope music....awwready mayne!

More Pictures
by Osazuwa Ihis

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After party at Rock Box

We made it! Just a lil F.Y.I., DJ Witnes was at The Proletariat for a year by himself until he started Rock Box the 2nd year. So Rock Box is really 3 yrs old but since Wit is such a humble dude, he called it the 2nd. I'm pullin' your card homie. Unlike other nights that don't last or have longevity, It looks like Rock Box is gonna' be here for the long term. They haven't relocated, there is always new faces and the dj's are tastemakers. Cool kids, this is where you need to be, you best recognize!

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Pictures By Josh Dallera

More Pics