Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dumbest shit I've read today!

Low End Theory tape cause I'm so Hip Hop

A: This song is BANGER!
B: This video is clever!
C: Getz' my vote on MTV.
D: More reason to love Chicago.

For some reason the video reminds me of high school in the 90's. There is a remix with Bum B on the track which I'm sure will lure more listeners from the South. KEEP IT TRILL!

Santogold in stores......

My favorite female artist out right now is Santogold. Her CD came out yesterday and is FIRE! When is the last time you've bought a CD? Buy this one!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random Youtube videos

Did he just call Hulk the N word?


Monday, April 07, 2008

Pictures from SXSW and WMC 2008

Gotham Obamans present

The Corner @ The Tipping Point

March 21st was our 1st attempt at hosting an event titled "The Corner" @ The Tipping Point. Owner Thomas and myself visioned an event with an early start to the weekend nights, followed by an after party, think Pre-Game! A place where people could gather inside the store or out on "The Corner" and add some light to the inner city nightlife. A place where all types of faces are welcome. The start off was slow, but you know how folks have to be fashionably late. By 9pm "The Corner" was hit with a rush and folks mingled, socialized, shopped, grooved and enjoyed the free drinks. Music was provided by DJ Witnes and last minute guest who spontaneously hopped behind the decks, completing the audio ambiance! The night went so well that we are in preparations to have it every 3 months. Mark your calender for June 7th for the next installment of "The Corner".

Thank you to our sponsors 10 Cane Rum, Case Magazine and all who attended.

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