Tuesday, May 23, 2006

memorial weekend pop-over!

That boy Tittsworth (yes thats his real name) makes his Texas debut this Thursday at Rock Box. Hailing from D.C. where Baltimore club music is the hot shit. "B-more club is a hybrid of house, dance, and hip-hop created in the early ’90s by pioneers such as Scottie B, Frank Ski, Miss Tony and DJ Spen, with the tradition continued by the likes Rod Lee, KW Griff, Rod Braxton, Karizma, D.J. Technics and Tittsworth. (you all have homework to do!) The veteran DJ has made his mark in the club scene with his energetic, booty shaking, krunk music sets that are not limited to only B-more. Some may find B-more music a little repetetive but most dance music is repetitive to a certain degree. The true art is when a DJ can go through different genres and styles of music and set the pace for the night. Your not going to be forced to listen to the same style all night with Tittsworth, he's a man of his craft. Come welcome him at his first performance along with M.C. Jinxx in the Dirty South, the B-More and H-Town connection.

Doors open @ 9pm, 21 to get in, LADIES FREE before 11pm,
*$5 cover, special event
903 Richmond/Montrose, THE PROLETARIAT

Monday, May 08, 2006

Stones Throw artist Aloe Blacc & El Dopa tonite @ The Flat


A lucid whisper in the West Coast hip-hop music scene, 25-year-old Aloe Blacc is an under-the-radar independent producer, singer-songwriter and emcee who brings a simplistic, creative style that is atypical for the West Coast.
With songs like The Word, Blaccs invigorating lyrics move along with an enduring beat, carefully crafted to be deep yet free. He shows his versatility with The World Dont Sing, a bebop/jazz a cappella song reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Mel Torme.
I want my music to make people laugh, cry, celebrate and think, he says. Everybody should be able to receive what they want from it.
Born in 1979 as Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III, the Santa Ana native is the son of Panamanian immigrants. As a young boy he was heavily influenced by his father, who played Caribbean, calypso, and Latin music on a ukulele. Eventually, his interests shifted to hip-hop.
It was something I embraced and gravitated towards, he says. Along with the ability to poetically string together words, Blacc plays the guitar, trumpet and piano. (write up taken from the net. lost the source)


Also at 9pm come listen to the new Declaim a.k.a. Dudley Perkins cd "Expressions", cd and poster give aways.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Rock Box 4.27.06

check out the dude dancing with the pole

Fredster of Boys & Girls

Ignore the pill!

Stiletto and her assistant Dior Whore w/ the orange tan

Witnes & Baker (universal records)

A.O. and Task

Jeremy and Paloma


Rock Box line up for May 06!

  • May 4th Mobb Deep and Wolfmother listen'n party @ 9pm with guest dj's Dan Castillio and Non-Sense
  • May 11th "Outta School Jump-Off with dj's Paramour and Antonio (CafeConLeche)
  • May 18th guest dj's Galvez, Simiu and Bobby "whats hot...music wise?? Go to Rock Box at the pro...that place is hip as fuck, no doubt"
  • May 25th live from D.C. Tittsworth and Jinxx
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