Thursday, September 29, 2005

Left to New York because of Rita

When I saw on the news the projected path for Hurricane Rita, I tried to leave Wednesday, but the earliest flight out that I could get was Thursday morning. While the city was already short on gas, I felt the best thing was to evacuate A.S.A.P. Instead of going to the closest cities that were gonna be safe, Ausitn, San Antonio, or the Valley, I decided "what the hec" right now would be a good time to just get away from the havok and try to make the best out of it, here I come New York. Prior to leaving, I thought, this might be the last time I see my home, my records, equiptment, and all the material shit that I have. In addition to me bounc'n out, I had to cancel 3 gigs, Thursday Rock Box, Friday Absolutely Fab!, and Saturdays Thunderground Showcase. But you know what, I'd truly rather have my life then all the things I left behind. Shit was scurry! Call me a bitch! Anyway, here some pics from N.Y.

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some bike doing a photoshoot

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some of Shafers work

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shirt I bought

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church clothes, H&M

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flavor puffy paint shirt!

We want Eazy!

Rock Box threw it down for Eazy-E. With the release of his greatest hits, I decided it be best to give it up to the legend who brought that true gangsta shit from the fresh coast. On deck I brought my peoples from (Caps One and Gabrial Ayala) who have done personalized shirts for Paul Wall and Chingo Bling. They whipped up 2 shirts that we raffled off, exclusive Eazy-E, limited edition t-shirts. Caps One also did a set with them gangsta hits. These boys are dope, be on the look out for them, they doing big things, don't say I didn't warn you!

This weeks shindigs!

Friday (Sept. 30):

.. It's time for another Amber Cupcake party -- and this time it's her birthday. That means lots of three things: skimpy attire, shots and taxicabs. This time it's a nod to the old BBC programme Absolutely Fabulous, itself a comprehensive exercise in debauchery and excess. Witnes, Stiletto, Fredster and 7000 ft. Tall will man the turntables, and some of Houston's finest(?) drag queens have promised a serenade at some point in the night -- probably when you least expect it...

Lance Walker (BarTab)

Details: 10 p.m. $5. 1415 Bar & Grille, 1415 California. 713-522-0766.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Reverend Butter's "Inspiration"

While on my way up to the Aerosol Warfare (A.W.) gallery, I reminisced on how it has been 11yrs since I was first introduced to Gonzo, NME, and a gang of others. I'm honored that I've had the chance to work and travel with A.W. in the past and can truly separate the fact that I like them as artist/friends. Their latest endeavors include hosting art shows and selling merchandise, like exclusive spray paint, aerosol tools, t-shirts, magazines, purses, toys and more from their A.W. gallery located at 1004 Palmer, on the East Side of downtown. These guys are all over the place and are constantly shining light on what I guess you would call the "Houston art scene". With over a decade of history in the City of Houston, these artist have played a big role and influence in setting the standards for Houston underground graffiti art. Today graffiti can be stereotyped as ugly, dirty, filth, but A.W. has changed the way people view this art. They recently made the front cover of Houston local magazine 002, so that just goes to prove that there is no limit to who they can appeal to.

Well tonight, all eyes were on the Reverend Butter. The Rev.Butter...A cool, Latin, ninja, chainsaw, ice sculpting, performing cowboy. Butter is way ahead of the time with his exquisite sculptures. A man of perfection, his sculptures are so detailed you can't believe it's ice. To actually look at his sculptures is one thing, but to watch him at work from beginning to end is a different presentation. His weapon of choice is the chainsaw, the gas powered or electric. Watching him carve out sculptures from large 300lb. blocks of ice is amazing and innovative. The man is in high demand for his work, from night clubs, political conventions to wedding receptions, there's no holds barred for the Reverned. You tell him what you want, most likely he can do it!

Mucho props to the Rev. Butter, NME, and Gonzo for another successful event. Stay updated with the 411 on Butter The Reverend Butter and A.W. info Aerosol Warfare

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Prince Klassens' solo debut in Houston

So with gas prices higher than giraffe balls, The Prince still made his way to the 713. Prince Klassen (diggindeepquartet/ FORESTFIRE1983), originally from San Antonio, now in Austin, holds down a Saturday @ The Whisky Bar (5th and Lavaca) and works 2 jobs, one of them as an employee at Waterloo Records. He arrived in town around 4pm and NaNaChill and I decided to entertain him until he took the stage. Since there is no spots in town that make vegitarian barbacoa tacos, we took him to his favorite Vietnamese joint, Mai's.

Being in a Vietnamese state of mind, we suggested visiting some spas on the East Side of downtown to get a "lil boom boom" but time was an issue! Instead we headed over to Sound Exchange to do some diggin. There we ran in to Panhandle Slim a.k.a. Max G. Arnold, who was diggin as well and also on the bill that night doing a opening set for his birthday.

Klassen took the stage at 12:30am and opened up on the CDJ, with some glitch action that made the audience pause and observe. From funky disco, electro beats, and remixes, Klassen created a vibe that seemed a little to next level for Rock Box patrons. Regardless, honeys shook their tail-feathers and got nice and sweaty, of course drawing more attention to themsleves, "love it mayne." Others watched closely to the mixing skills from the Prince and by the end of the night one fan had so much fun they decided to pull their pants down and show the package, "I ain't sayin no names!"

Overall, Klassen rocked and entertained the crowd with his set. Rock Box will definately bring him back in the future for those that missed out. Don't sleep on the Prince. Big shout out to everyone that made it out, see ya next Thursday!