Friday, May 02, 2008

Record findings

In New York, you're bound to find someone selling records on the side of the street. I stopped to dig through 3 crates which was mostly 80's R&B, Pop and whatever whatever. I found these four 12' singles which all reminded me of the late 80's when there was only one urban station in Houston (102.1 JAMZ) to hear these songs. The other alternative was Donnie Simpson on BET whose show was mostly R&B with a little bit of rap, stuff like Heavy D, M.C. Hammer and Oaktowns 357.

Al B. Sure - 1988, this dude right here was a lady killer. He originally was a back up singer for Heavy D and moved on to release his first project. Peep out his blue jean jacket, the ill convertible Mercedes, home girl in neon and the pour water on his face scene!

Nu Shooz - 1986, Most of the time you hear DJ's playing "I can't wait" which always works but I can't remember the last time I've heard a DJ play this track. Bring it back!

Tony Toni Tone - 1988, This was my first introduction to the Tony's. Early new jack sound with a nice groove and catchy chorus. Look at the hair on Raphael and the cameo by Sinbad playing the loser.

Oaktowns 357 - 1989, First made they mark as back up dancers for M.C. Hammer and the sisters got down, Hammer Time! This track has plenty of energy with the constant siren in the background and Hammer chanting "Here we go, Here we we go". The blue Benz is looking nice with that ground effects kit.


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toni toni tone is the way to my heart

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