Sunday, February 26, 2006


Serio', cocopuff serio'! Whoo, Things are non-stop. Made it back from Austin for the weekend. Friday night made it out to a roller rink party out off 183, along with Dayta, Klassen, Shi, Am and others. DJ Starsign was up in the mix, b.y.o.b, man this brought back some memories. Video games, garbage food, beer, and people skating. The roller rink was the place as a youngster that I heard "Another One Bites The Dust", I always put this song and the roller rink together. Dumb! Dayta did his signature 7 sec pop lock breakdown and got the big girls attention. She got all excited and said "go put on some skates." aaahhh.

Saturday Night me and Dayta played up at Whiskey Bar with Prince Klassen, even though this smokers cough has had me under the weather, I still managed to have a good time. I like that there's no smoking in bars in Austin, pretty sure Houston is next with that. On the dancing tip, I need to learn that Klassen dance move, so serio', thats shit is the pop off! We'll definately be back in Austin soon, I'll be playing on the 11th of March with Starsign at Erotic City and then back the next week for SXSW.

Prince Klassen, Witnes, Courtney

Anyhow, back to biz', alot of stuff going down this month, time is definately flying. I can't believe its about to be March. She Wants Revenge after party this Thursday and Rock Box 1 yr. Anniversary with DJ Mel on March 30th. HOLD UP!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Caps & Jones pictures @ Rock Box

Jones & Caps = Lone Star Beer

Jones likes to leans back!

Caps lovin it!

DJ Dayta gettin' the crowd ready!

Caps & Jones started at 12am

Corn, Canedia, and Billy Ray Valentine

Travis Ritter and Dan Castillio making thier Thizz Face!


Mike Frost, Theresa, and WaZulu

Rock Box regulars

Crystal Lee the birthday girl!

Hey ma'

Witnes and Matt

This is why we call it pelvic thrust thursdays

B-Boy Craig, Billy Ray, and Bobby

Rita, Mike, and Julie

Lauren with 2 dranks in hand!

NME of Aerosol Warfare

Mike and Paul

Them 2

Stiletto pumps in the club!

Seth Jones, Crystal and Heather

What Now!

Shimiu and Stiletto

Happy Endings

This was a fun ass night! Caps & Jones NYC, birthday parties for Crystal Lee, Mike Frost and Bobby HInojosa. The night was dope! Big ups to everyone who showed up, all those that helped promote the event, all those involved in one way or another, if you missed this party..................your weak!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GFK show in Houston!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pictures up!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the listening party! She Wants Revenge will be back in town on March 1st and Rock Box will be hosting the official after party. Come out, mingle and chill with the band. Also for those that got to see Adam 12', one half of the band (picture up top on the right), dj' over at The Flat last time they were in town, the man is fresh with the mix! Now is your chance to hear him mix it up on the turntables. Mark your calender, more info t.b.a.

Buhbomp Mix

from my peoles JD and Lil Tiger (TEXAS BOYS)!

ya bettah ask somebody!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Caps & Jones are coming to Houston!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Donuts recap!

Dayta and CJ of LateNiteSnax

We love goodies!

Donuts and Lone Star

BBC of The Bench got that soul

Producer The Are and PHD (LowerLifeForm)

Dilla donuts

Reko Trill and DJ Cipher

donuts and beer make you dance like this

writer Craig Lindsey and Witnes

Dayta and Black Mamba slagin' donuts

the drawing box

I'ma win!

The turn out was great for starting at 9pm. There was plenty of giveaways courtesy of Stones Throw, stickers, samplers, posters and the new "donuts" cd that we had a drawing for at midnight. There was also 4 dozen of assorted donuts courtesy of The Donut Shop out in Stafford, Tx. I'd say between 30-40 people were there for the listening. We actually played the cd completely through twice pushing the first dj' back to 10:30pm. Big ups to everyone involved Stones Throw, LateNiteSnax, SpaceCity hip hop, Kinky Afro, and Boy-Cott mag. Also the nice write ups by Travis Ritter @ the Houston Press and Lance Walker of Bar Tab. And last but not least our guest dj's for coming out, Cipher of the Krackernuttz and Damon of boys&girls for making thier first appearance at Rock Box.

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