Monday, February 20, 2006

Caps & Jones pictures @ Rock Box

Jones & Caps = Lone Star Beer

Jones likes to leans back!

Caps lovin it!

DJ Dayta gettin' the crowd ready!

Caps & Jones started at 12am

Corn, Canedia, and Billy Ray Valentine

Travis Ritter and Dan Castillio making thier Thizz Face!


Mike Frost, Theresa, and WaZulu

Rock Box regulars

Crystal Lee the birthday girl!

Hey ma'

Witnes and Matt

This is why we call it pelvic thrust thursdays

B-Boy Craig, Billy Ray, and Bobby

Rita, Mike, and Julie

Lauren with 2 dranks in hand!

NME of Aerosol Warfare

Mike and Paul

Them 2

Stiletto pumps in the club!

Seth Jones, Crystal and Heather

What Now!

Shimiu and Stiletto

Happy Endings

This was a fun ass night! Caps & Jones NYC, birthday parties for Crystal Lee, Mike Frost and Bobby HInojosa. The night was dope! Big ups to everyone who showed up, all those that helped promote the event, all those involved in one way or another, if you missed this party..................your weak!


Blogger Vlady y su PR!MO said...

looked like a shitload o fun.... i guess i'm week!

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