Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Chicago Heat!

Common is back with some OFFICIAL BOOM BAP hip hop just in time for the summer! The new track titled "The Game" featuring DJ Premiere is solid. You really can't go wrong with the chemistry from these two. Plus the production of Kanye...(shaking my head)....forget about it.

New Kanye West video is pretty sick too! Hype Williams.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For Realz


Scion Live Metro tour brings The Gza of Wu-Tang and that boy DJ Klever (ATL) to Warehouse Live. Klever is one if the sickest dj's out right now bringing non-stop entertainment when behind the decks. You wanna get KRUNK IN THE CLUB? Show up, It's free and will not be a let down, trust me! R.S.V.P Here

This Thursday, Sraight outta NYC, that boy Empanadamn!!! Come catch him at the only place to be on Thurdays, Rock Box

Friday is the Kick off for the new night Certified Fresh up in the Blue Room at Riches. Hosted By Wes Fresh w/ DJ's Squincy Jones and Witnes on the decks. Dress Fresh, if you have to ask, don't come. Be on the look out for the r.s.v.p. post on Fridays to skip the cover!!

Then next week at Rock Box making his debut in Texas, DJ Krames. Krames is the man in VA and just about any other place in the world. Come hear what he brings to the table, I'm positive it will not be a let down. Plus that night is DJ Dayta's - (NanaChill) BIRRRRRTHHHHHDAAAAYYYYY. I'm sure boy will be ruined by the end of the night.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

4 Day Weekend!

Thursday night kicked off things at Rock Box "Sunglasses At Night" party. It was jammed packed at Proletariat and a perfect starter for the weekend.

Picture by Matt Marrand

Friday, Bad Boy Bill and gang of other dj's Raved it up at Riches. Witnes and Squincy Jones opened up the night up in the Blue Room and mingled the rest of the night. The boys along with Wes Fresh have labeled the Blue Room on Fridays, Certified Fresh and will launch June 1st.

Picture by Flampy

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Corey Hart

It is Memorial Weekend and the party begins tonight. Make sure to wear your sunglasses or you'll be an outkast.

903 Richmond Drive

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rotation Rotation......

Summer has arrived. Here are some selected Quickwits for you to bump in the streets!

ugk ft. outkast - intl players anthem dj.dstar drum edit
This song is awready' an anthem on the streets. Expect to hear this song the entire Summer. The sample used from Willie Hutch "I choose you" makes this song and should encourage you to go back and watch the movie "The Mack"

peter bjorn and john - let's call it off
For some odd reason, some relationships tend to end either before Spring Break or Summer Break. If your one of the few, this song may help you cope with the loss. If you have a history of being EMO then pop this one in and go buy yourself a new t-shirt from American Apparel.

wes fif - haterz everywhere
"Folks be acting extra hard like a Viagra overdose", this has to be the best line of the song. The production carries some synth sounds, that sound a little like Justin Timberlake "My Love", but more gansta' and perfect for you to roll your windows down, pop trunk and cool-aid smile your grill to errrrr-1.

Pictures from DJ's Are Not Rockstars

NYC and Houston connected for a nice party to set off the Summer.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Manipulated Marauders

The Are is on a roll! He contacted Quickwits today to keep us updated with his most recent project.

I started the marauders project early last year. I was in NY and heard a tribe joint from the Marauder album. I thought to myself it would be dope to take all the original Midnight Marauder samples and re-work them to make new joints. At first, it was crazy because all the tribe songs are so distinct that no matter what i did to the break, they all still sounded the same. Because of this, I was'nt getting it done as quickly as I wanted so After chopping a few tracks, I realized it would be even better to go deeper into the record they used and pull out different parts to flip. It worked out well because now you hear the tracks in a different way but it's still connected and "Manipulated"

Download Manipulated Marauders

Rappers I Know

Chicken sandwich and waffle fries

So this video has been up since November of 2006 and has over a million hits. I still laugh every time I watch it!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Vice Party Pics

If you don't know by now, Thursday nights at The Proletariat is the place to be where DJ Witnes has been catering to the "cool kids" for the past 3 1/2 years. The Vice party debuted here, which is the hottest Thursday night in town. Yeah, peeps wanna' complain about the scene, but fuck it! You can't please everybody, but hold up Houston, Rock Box is ahead of the game when it comes to bring'n down the right talent that are on the verge of blowing up or awready' certified in different areas. The truth is that Rock Box caters to a diverse crowd in tune with cutting edge markets weather it's music, fashion or entertainment........... so recognize!

photos courtesy of Matt Marrand.

Latinos Presente

This just in courtesy of Cobra Krames and Bobby LaBeat. I had no clue these boys were up on this genre of music. Houston Latina women will drop their thongs if they are wearing any to this mix. But don't get it twisted, I'm sure his set will not go down like this when he makes debut in Houston June 7th at Rock Box Thursdays. Mark your calender! And it's FREE!

Latinos Presente Mix

My friend got a new camera

She's outta control with the toy collection. I'm not going to call her out, she awready knows she's on point. We were chattin' on AIM and she said "I took pictures of my apartment up...trying out my new camera..." Seems like she has a lil addiction. Don't we all?

Sorry haven't updated in a minute

The Vice party was outta control! I'm still working on getting some pics from from the evening. A lot of fun and exciting events going down this month. Here's the happenings for this weekend.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vice Magazine Party at Rock Box

This Thursday Vice Magazine teams up with Rock Box to host the screening of the unreleased "Screwed In Houston" dvd produced by Peter Beste and Lance Walker. Screening will begin around 10:30pm, followed by DJ Domo (DJ for Scarface, Coughee Brothaz and ummmm ya homework).

DJ Domo is a Houston legend! No telling who else will make an appearance Thursday. A little FYI, this is a Vice debut party in Houston so I'm predicting this will be a trill ass party! Giveaways by Vice Magazine, Premium Goods and SLFEMP.

Rock Box Thursdays
10pm, 21+, No Cover
Drnk Especials
903 Richmond Drive
The Proletariat