Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween 2007

The Party last night on Woodhead was on point. So good that the DJ could not drive home! Squincy Jones and Witnes kept the dance floor going til' 2:30am and then it was lights out.

Worst request for night: Hatebreed

Other dumb comments: "Can you play Beastie Boys, but nothing from the 1st album"

Wits Costume: A Miami drug dealer that just purchased a 60ft yacht.

Pictures by OneOctoberNight

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nick Nack's debut at Rock Box October 25th

Mr. Nick Nack is on his way to H-Town this week to turn Rock Box out! Dude is a highly respected DJ hailing out of the ATX and a genius for his Sound Craftsman Vol 1. project. Check out the Demo right hurrr!

He's sooper sick on production, cuts and a well rounded, solid DJ that can rock just about any crowd. Quickwits caught up with him for a mini interview to prepare you for this Thursday.

1. General info about yourself, How long you been DJ'n and how you would describe your style to folks?

I produce music, DJ and work on nerdy shit like Giga Crate. Damn, I feel hella old when I say this, but I have been DJing roughly 17 years.

2. Name some of the DJ's that inspired you to become DJ Nick Nack?

DJ Alladdin for sure. "Alladin's on a Rampage" was actually THE track that inspired me to start. Shortly thereafter, Primo for phrase cuts. West coast cats like Melo D and J Rocc for the blends. Cats like Spinbad inspired me to release quality stuff as much as possible. There are plenty more, but I will spare ya ;)

3. First 3 things that come to mind when you hear "Houston" and why?

1) Humidity. B/c your city is off the meter with it. You know what I mean!

2) Big, flat and spread out. "Oh man it's just right up the way" is a favorite false saying of most Houstonians. Sure if you understand that right up the way = a 10-20 min drive. ahahah

3) Rap a Lot Records. I grew up on Houston rap music in the late 80s. Cat's like Odd Squad, Convicts, The Terrorists, OG Style, Big Mello, Geto Boys, Scarface, etc... I think of Rap A Lot especially when I think of Houston, but even Texas. Their releases were all we really had on a major level in the early 90s Texas-wise.

4. If someone asked you, how come you don't spin records, how would you respond?

I do spin records all the time ;) At my house. a hahah. Naw, on the cool, I will always love and appreciate my vinyl collection. And shit, I still dig all the time (don't forget I am a producer too). But there is NO denying the benefits to tools like Torq, Serato, etc.. How else can I have access to thousands of songs in multiple genres all within a 4lb footprint?

5. Do you think Serato has been a positive thing for DJ's?

Yes and no. You see I come from the school where cats had to come up and pay dues. Part of which was record selection. These days mfers can just look on some blog or DJs playlist and get almost any song they want. It didn't used to be like that. Back in the day, you had to physically FIND shit. That weeded alot cats out, which IMO was/is a good thing.

On the other side of that coin, I think Serato is advancing things with regard to music selection, and party rocking. You can do custom remixes and play them the same night! I think today more than ever raw talent and skills really do matter. Just cuz you have 50k mp3s, doesn't mean I wanna listen to your ass.

6. Biggest pet peeve when you are DJ'n a set.

Anyone trying to talk to me for more than a couple of sentences. I mean shit, everyone hates cheese requests, but I hate people that wanna talk to me while I am in the groove. It's distracting and makes me loose focus.

7. Tell us about your latest project with Giga Crate.

Well Giga Crate is a DJ friendly digital music store + DJ community. We have tons of free music (promos) from major labels and indies + loads of great music for sale. You can find everything from DJ Ayres mashups to Kruder and Dorfmeister downtempo joints. We get more and more new music each and every day, so check it out. Register today, it's free.

8. Any last comments, shout outs, jokes?

Shouts to Techno Viking. That dood is trill. Oh and come check me out at Rock Box this Thurrrrrrrrrrsssday. It's gonna be a fucking partay!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prince Klassen (pronounced Clay-Sun)

Last Thursday was on fire! Big things pop'n at PRLP DRNK with The Prince (ATX) making folks dance all night! Mr. Squincy Jones and Dayta opened up the night setting the pace. Frank 151 giveaways, G-Dash of Swisha House, Mike Frost of SLFEMP, Taylor McFerrin from NYC, Zulu Creative, Aerosol Warfare, Boy-Cott Mag, Cornbread of The Transmissions and all the regulars were in the building. And Michael Ramos was wasted because it was his birthday! Rock Box Thursdays Son, come get yours! Check out the pictures from OneOctoberNight

Best pre-gig meal: Mai's salt toasted tofu

Best quote for the night: "has anyone every told you you look like gina from martin from the 1st and 2nd season?"

Best text message for the night: "somebody is masturbating thinking of you right now"

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Thats right! Rock Box and Frank 151 team up to bring you "PRPL DRNK" Originally started in Austin Texas with Prince Klassen, Witnes & Dayta and now it's time to do it big in the H! Hella Drnk especials all night. Prince Klassen, Squincy Jones, Witnes & Dayta all in the mix! Free Frank 151 Mags and other goodies while supplies last. And last but not least it's Mike Ramos B-Day!

Suggested Attire: