Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Video links yo! Exclusive errrrr errrrrrrrnnnnn!

TERIYAKI BOYZ video link
I don't know what they sayin', but its entertaining!

Kanye West "Heard 'Em Say" video link

This beat reminds me of DJ A-Trak drumming live on some turntablist type shit with a delay. Peep it!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

SouthSide Gangbang!

Witnes, Ashely and Crystal Lee

Everytime I hear the word gangbang now I think Will Ferrell in "Old School" when he says "I'm here for the gangbang!" I laugh everytime I see that part. Much props to Matt for putting the show on. I knew it would be on with $2 Heinekens all night long, Oxy CottonTail, A-Trak and a gang of talent! It was a mixed crowd for a downtown spot. I ran into a bunch of peeps that I haven't seen in a while which was really cool. Don't sleep on Matt doing it big, he is the man! HoustonSoReal

Check out the recap by Lance Walker Bar Tab

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DJ Mel back at Rock Box with Envy Magazine

Thanksgiving in America? Hmm, from my view, it's just another holiday. One day designated to give thanks, when i'm rather thankful everyday. Many will debate and argue about the whole meaning behind Thanksgiving and what really went down back in the day. Indians, Pilgrims, turkey, pumpkin pie! I guess were all just conditioned by tradition to take part in the holidays with are families and close ones. Sometimes being around close ones isn't all to fun and sometimes it is. Hope you had a good one!

Doors opened at 10pm and people gradually moved in hittin' up those $2 wells from 10pm-12am! Stiletto warmed up the night from 10pm-11pm with her opening set. Then my man JD took over from 11pm-12:30. JD had people on the edge to start dancing by 11:30, as people were still making there way in. By midnight, with 150 head count at the door, it seemed like a chain reaction with heads packing the dance floor and the place was looking full. Smoke filled the Proletariat like normal but it wasn't enough to stop people from thrusting dem' pelvics. Enjoy smoking inside of bars while you can because it's looking like it's going to change at the beginning of the year.

Kamand and Vito

DJ Bobby of The Truth

The Rat Pak

Mel jumped on the wheels at 12.30am with Riko Trill as the guest m.c. and it was time to act BAD. Hot music, flawless mixing and straight clowning. The combination was on point. It got real krunk when he dropped that "Kryptonite" joint. HEATER! Mel just knows what to play and brings the best out of the people.

Horn sounds!!!! Errr Errrrrrrr

DJ WhatNow? gettin' down, (NO Nerd) look close Ish straight thrustin'

It was game over when he dropped AC/DC and Rico announced that "it's turning into a stripper club in here!" This man had me laughing everytime shit came out of his mouth. From calling people out to girls dancing with each other, to stripper squatters, and emo kids. Shit was hella' funny! The selection of tunes was so right it was like people caught the holy ghost and couldn't resist to "get down on the flo" like David Banner! Pelvic Action was in effect, serious.

Trill ASS Rico


DJ Paramour workin' it

NaNaChill Freeze....Rock

Beth and Shana reppin'

Rock Box on Thanksgiving shiiiiiiii........everbody and they mama would be back in H-town to hang with the fam. So why not do it right? And who else can rock the party like Austin's own DJ Mel? Mels' first appearance at Rock Box was back in May 05, where my main goal was to introduce him to a dancing crowd that was ready to party and appreciate a dj that takes his work serious. This was pt.II. Everytime that I've seen him live, it's on, plain and simple. He knows how to control a crowd, he mixes, he cuts, he backspins, lets just say he'll take you on a journey with skills that a lot of new dj's don't have; fundamentals mayne'! Mel and JD have a history of playing together at Nasty' back in Austin so it was only right to have them on the same bill. There's so much I could say about JD, lets just say he's been around for a hot minute and knows what he's doing. Be on the look out for a mix tape with him and DJ Ayers (The Rub) coming out real soon reppin' that dirty dirty!

Over all the party was off the meter! It was good to see everyone make it out and throw down! This entire week starting Wednesday, Houston was on BLAST! Thanks again to DJ Mel, JD, Stiletto, 7000ft, Fredster, Dan Castillio, Leah @ Envy Mag, Riko Trill, Matt So Real, Lil Tiger, NaNaChill Black Mamba, Red Bull and everybody else that came out! Til' next time.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I love me some Jean Grae

and you would too if u listen'd to her music! Come see the most underrated female MC in hip hop TONIGHT along with Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch. Jean Grae is, for lack of better words, absolutely stunning. She don't sound like Trina, Ciara, or Missy and she raps better than Pharell, Snoop, and Fat Joe. DO not sleep on this. The freaks come out on Monday. See ya there!
The Engine Room

Thursday, November 10, 2005

9th Annual Texas Skate Jam benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation

(photo from Transworld website Kenny Anderson and Witnes)

My homie Primo (Volumen Tv) and I decided to head out to South Side Skate Park Saturday to document this event. It took a minute for us to get in cuz' it's all who you know right? I got the chance to interview alot of the skaters on site as well as the event coordinator. Primo and I mingled around through hundreds of kids and parents trying to get a good look at all the action. Place was nuts! We plan on editing the footage and submitting it to current tv to represent that dirty 3rd! Updates sure to come! In the mean time check out Transworld online for a recap of the event.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Escape from the Relatives, Thanksgiving Night!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Pimp C Pro Keds

(This is just one of the mockups) Be on the look out for the Bun-B shoe! Debuting All-Star Weekend – Houston!

Mike (Pro-Keds), Ray (Athletes Foot) & Bun-B discuss the specs on the new shoes!

(Info was sent to me from the Rap-a-lot headquarters) and uhh if you still haven't bought the Bum B cd, your missing out on one of the greatest rappers out Houston!

Rock Box November Dates

Sunday, November 06, 2005

ADULT. show at Walters 11.04.05

I was introduced to ADULTS. music about a year ago. The song "Nitelife" instantly grabbed my attention and I still play it out to set the dance floor off. Electronic beats, synths, some guitar and bass action, and vocals worth checking out if your into it. They recently dropped a new cd "Gimmie Trouble" on Thrill Jockey. Peep out some of their mp3's off the website if you've never heard about them to get a taste.

ADULT. is describing “Gimmie Trouble” as the definitive sound of the new urban hunting range. Camping with screaming crickets and swimming with electric zapper fish. Riding an empty city bus from the Interzone to the exurbs or jumping in your Ford and getting the hell outta Dodge. It’s like a junkyard, a graveyard, a deviant late night hangout and a deviant early morning at a law firm. It’s gripping like your fist around a long neck and relieving like your first pull from it. It’s straight outta Michigan. (taken from ADULTS. website.)

The show was cool except for the immature hater or haters that were flicking cigarettes at the stage for some dumb reason. It also seemed like lead singer Nicola Kuperus was annoyed with the two boys making out in the front row and decided to stage dive on top of them as shown in the last picture. I was originally on the bill to dj between acts, but some groups or their managers are funny about having dj's. Oh well, Its' not like I was going to try and steal the show, whatever, all good. Thanks for the invite Andrew (Super Unison) and the $$$ Holler!

photos by Fredster

Basquiat Pre-Party


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Texas Annual Skate Jam After Party

photos by Skeez 181

Halloween 2005 @ The Flat

If you still haven't made it out to The Flat for Rock Steady Mondays with DJ Sun, your sleeping! If you like to be in an relaxed laid back environment thats comfortable, this is the place to be. Its' not packed wall to wall and you can get to the bar with no problem. My drink of choice for the night is red wine, find me a spot of the leather couch, and just cool out, cool and listen to the right selections from DJ Sun. If Monday nights are for you or your looking for somewhere to be lowkey, this is the perfect night and place to bring a female companion and jus'chill!

Halloween night was definatley cooler than a polar bears toenail! Myself and DJ Melodic were guest for the night. Mayne' Melodic took me back with some jazzy soulful house music.

I was definately feeling it but before the clock struck 2am, the red wine had me sittin'sidewayz and it was time to bail. I haven't had one night that I've left their disappointed. Peep it out sometime, you really should!

ChickenGeorge in the building!