Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween 2005 @ The Flat

If you still haven't made it out to The Flat for Rock Steady Mondays with DJ Sun, your sleeping! If you like to be in an relaxed laid back environment thats comfortable, this is the place to be. Its' not packed wall to wall and you can get to the bar with no problem. My drink of choice for the night is red wine, find me a spot of the leather couch, and just cool out, cool and listen to the right selections from DJ Sun. If Monday nights are for you or your looking for somewhere to be lowkey, this is the perfect night and place to bring a female companion and jus'chill!

Halloween night was definatley cooler than a polar bears toenail! Myself and DJ Melodic were guest for the night. Mayne' Melodic took me back with some jazzy soulful house music.

I was definately feeling it but before the clock struck 2am, the red wine had me sittin'sidewayz and it was time to bail. I haven't had one night that I've left their disappointed. Peep it out sometime, you really should!

ChickenGeorge in the building!


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