Monday, October 31, 2005

Slim Thug "Diamonds rmx" video shoot

Be on the lookout for Slim Thugs' new video "Diamonds" rmx featuring Young Jeezy. Directed by Dr.Teeth and shot here in Houston, Tx. My man Juan Carlos (director of Ja Rules' New York video) was also on the set running 2nd unit. It was a long day, 23hrs straight, but well worth it. A lot of guest appearaces made it out at the end of the shoot for the club scene, Chamillionair and Ghostface to name of few. Houston Stand up!

Friday, October 28, 2005

LCD after party/ Halloween Party

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rock Box October line up

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It's been a crazy month with alot of action going down at Rock Box. The DangerDoom listenin' party went well, lots of giveaways that night. Bigs up to my girl Jessica at Spectre Music for helping with that. My man Joe Havanna also laced Rock Box up with Stones Throw giveaways, Madvilliany, Jaylib, and more. Also keep your ears open for H5N1 playing out around town, the tag team duo who came out this month to wreck shop. Wes Alloy is another dj to look out for, he has a mix tape out right now titled "Scattered Smothered Covered" that is pretty impressive with his blend of electronic music, dirty south jams and more suprises.

Cheyane in the building!

DangerDoom fans


Oh yeah!


Wes Alloy

We like free stuff!

NaNaChill & Black Momba

Monday, October 03, 2005

10.3.05 Rocksteady @ The Flat

Starts at 9pm, Come check me out tonite, I'll be playing at 11pm, w/ the man everyone knows and loves, DJ Sun (Soular Grooves, KPFT) @ The Flat, 1701 Commonwealth. Dope beats, downtempo, rocksteady, and more. Always Free, chill, lowkey spot, dranks and more. Tell a friend, bring a friend!

Well the night did get a little wild at the end, felt like a photoshoot up in that mother, I wish I could show all the pics, but my Mom wouldn't be happy. NaNachill was definately BigPimpin!

FreezePop coming to Houston.

Freezepop made thier debut in Houston at the Proletariat Sunday 23rd. I didn't know too much about the band hailing from Boston, Mass., only the info and mp3's off of thier website and figured why not bring them down for the fans they do have. I honestly didn't know what to expect, Houston can be funny sometimes with shows. Opening for the night was Cuba Gooding Jr. who recently informed me that one of the members from Freezepop really enjoyed his set and that they are talking about working together sometime in the near future, so be on the lookout for that. I was really surprised in the turnout and all the fans that knew the lyrics to most of their songs.

Cuba Gooding Jr.


I talked with Liz from Freezepop and asked if they have ever played at conferences like CMJ or SXSW, and she said that "alot of people feel that we are too POP." Now when I think of pop, I think of commercial pop music, but Freezepop is more of a electronic, synth, bubble gum style of pop, that is quirky and entertaining.

The three members brought energy to the stage from beginning to end and were even brought back to the stage for a closing encore. Thanks to the Proletariat, Travis, Fredster, Spinnin Kitties, Stiletto, and Cuba Gooding Jr for making this show a success.

Liz, Wit, & Stiletto