Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Manipulated Marauders

The Are is on a roll! He contacted Quickwits today to keep us updated with his most recent project.

I started the marauders project early last year. I was in NY and heard a tribe joint from the Marauder album. I thought to myself it would be dope to take all the original Midnight Marauder samples and re-work them to make new joints. At first, it was crazy because all the tribe songs are so distinct that no matter what i did to the break, they all still sounded the same. Because of this, I was'nt getting it done as quickly as I wanted so After chopping a few tracks, I realized it would be even better to go deeper into the record they used and pull out different parts to flip. It worked out well because now you hear the tracks in a different way but it's still connected and "Manipulated"

Download Manipulated Marauders

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