Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breakfast is important

get your nutrition on!

Black Milk "?"
I randomly came across this untitled track. If your a fan of Dilla, I know you gonna dig this! Black Milk has been hard at work and carrying on that Detroit sound. A young apprentice of the late Dilla, the man is fierce on the mpc. The choppin' and slicing of soulful samples, with solid drums are laid out in a perfect arrangement. Put this on while you eat breakfast.

Mark Ronson feature Lily Allen "Oh My God" Mark Ronson's new cd is out and it's good from beginning to end. Mark and Lily team up to cover a song by The Kaiser Chiefs, that I've never heard. The track is perfect for some cool out shit. A bottle of wine, some cheese and bread, you know the drilly', or maybe you don't. OMG

Feist "Sea Lion" Chromeo rmx
The catchy chorus and soothing vocals of Feist combined with Chromeo's synth, disco boogie production is flawless. Chromeo really did it on this one. Eventually you will move to this, I know I do every time I hear it. Ladies will definitely feel sexy to this.


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