Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rotation Rotation......

Summer has arrived. Here are some selected Quickwits for you to bump in the streets!

ugk ft. outkast - intl players anthem dj.dstar drum edit
This song is awready' an anthem on the streets. Expect to hear this song the entire Summer. The sample used from Willie Hutch "I choose you" makes this song and should encourage you to go back and watch the movie "The Mack"

peter bjorn and john - let's call it off
For some odd reason, some relationships tend to end either before Spring Break or Summer Break. If your one of the few, this song may help you cope with the loss. If you have a history of being EMO then pop this one in and go buy yourself a new t-shirt from American Apparel.

wes fif - haterz everywhere
"Folks be acting extra hard like a Viagra overdose", this has to be the best line of the song. The production carries some synth sounds, that sound a little like Justin Timberlake "My Love", but more gansta' and perfect for you to roll your windows down, pop trunk and cool-aid smile your grill to errrrr-1.


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