Sunday, February 26, 2006


Serio', cocopuff serio'! Whoo, Things are non-stop. Made it back from Austin for the weekend. Friday night made it out to a roller rink party out off 183, along with Dayta, Klassen, Shi, Am and others. DJ Starsign was up in the mix, b.y.o.b, man this brought back some memories. Video games, garbage food, beer, and people skating. The roller rink was the place as a youngster that I heard "Another One Bites The Dust", I always put this song and the roller rink together. Dumb! Dayta did his signature 7 sec pop lock breakdown and got the big girls attention. She got all excited and said "go put on some skates." aaahhh.

Saturday Night me and Dayta played up at Whiskey Bar with Prince Klassen, even though this smokers cough has had me under the weather, I still managed to have a good time. I like that there's no smoking in bars in Austin, pretty sure Houston is next with that. On the dancing tip, I need to learn that Klassen dance move, so serio', thats shit is the pop off! We'll definately be back in Austin soon, I'll be playing on the 11th of March with Starsign at Erotic City and then back the next week for SXSW.

Prince Klassen, Witnes, Courtney

Anyhow, back to biz', alot of stuff going down this month, time is definately flying. I can't believe its about to be March. She Wants Revenge after party this Thursday and Rock Box 1 yr. Anniversary with DJ Mel on March 30th. HOLD UP!


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