Monday, December 11, 2006

Class is in session

Rap-A-Lot is usually associated with Houston legendary group The Geto Boys. There was one act on the label that didn't come off as gangsta' in the late 80's, early 90's. They got some radio play on mixhows and rapped a different side of Houston hip-hop with their party anthems. During this time people wore Skidz and Cross Colors, did the Kid-n-Play dance and hip-hop music was making its' transition to the next decade. New acts like De La Soul, Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and Leaders of The New School were next up to bat. And in Houston, The Odd Squad was right there with them. This classic track came out during the golden era of hip-hop and had a crazy impact on me when I found out they were from Houston. With their own signature sound not to be fucked with, The Odd Squad will go down in the books of Houston's hip-hop history.


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