Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NNNNNNinteen 94's the number

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Back in 94 when I was learning how to dj I went to this hip hop spot in Montrose to hear and watch dj’s. It started in September and was on a Tuesday night for about 3 months. Then it moved to Sundays. It was called "Reprogram" at Deep Phat. The resident dj's DJ Bristle and Sest established the night with good hip hop and booked the proper, local, guest dj's like DJ Domo, DJ Cipher, Audio 3, Vishnu and others. They were the two who gave me my break to spin records the next year. One night a dj by the name DJ Big Wiz was playing Black Moon, Gangstarr, that golden era hip hop. Dude would come in with the instrumental first and double up with the beat. I want to say that he probably had doubles of everything. All his records were marked up for cue points. Then he would scratch a bit, dropped the lyrics and backspin the records all on point. And I'm like wow! DJ is using the turntables up and nice wit'it! I had the chance to have scratch sessions with Wiz, which was all inspiration to me. He was always on some next ish. Big Wiz later on left Houston for NYC and has been making big moves ever since. His disography is endless. He's the dj for Mr. LIf. Every now in then he will pop through Houston and ends up behind the decks with an appetite for two turntables and mixer.

Monday morning (December 4) just outside San Diego, California our boy was in a near fatal tour bus accident. Everyone onboard escaped safely, most with minor injuries. DJ Big Wiz was one of three being hospitalized for more serious injuries. Some serious ish mayne!

Hit up Big Wiz and send your love, prayers and thoughts.


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