Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Im'a wet cha!

If you've ever watched Kings of Comedy, there's an intermission when Steve Harvey breaks down current rap music. He talks of how he prefers not to listen to current rap songs that contain lyrics about killin' and murda', like "Im'a wet cha!". None of us wanna' hear about getting wet (shot), now do we? Don't get me wrong! I love a lot of early gangsta' story raps from Too Short, Ice-T, and N.W.A., but current gansta' rap doesn't appeal to me the same as then. Every song from these artist contained funk and soul breaks/samples that came from records your Momz' & Pops cherished. Steve goes on to talk about how there is no SOUL in todays hip hop/rap music, no one talks about love and emotions any more, and this is so true.

I'm positive that if you grew up listening to Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick and Gangstar, you can feel this! And just when you thought that the world is no longer making real m.c.'s, there's still hope with Murs on Murrays Revenge. The ep incompasses the soul sampling boom bap sounds of producer 9th Wonder and the mature lyrics and story telling themes from one of the most underrated m.c.'s on the left coast. This year a good majority of hip hop fans anticipated albums from T.I., E-40 and Ghostface Killah. At the same time, The Mid City L.A. underground champ comes out with no commercial radio play or a video out and releases a solid follow up to his first collaboration ep Murs 3:16. From the 1st song "Murs Day", he immediately lets you know that "He's the chosen, to break up the ice that's got the rap world frozen." Murs takes a journey through everyday situations that most of us can relate to with this ep. Like falling for "Romancin', financin" on "Silly Girl" ft. Joe Scudda or his truehearted feelings about "L.A.". If you've ever been to "L.A." or visited L.A., this song will definitely make you reminisce. He paints the landscapes "From the towers in Watts to the hills of Altadena" and rhymes "Silicone or real it don't matter if she paid for it/ Every single trend you can probably thank L.A. for it/ Bandannnas, face lifts, quick trips to vegas/ White T-shirts, Chuck Taylors or them K-Swiss." So on point! I could go on and tell you more about each song, but I won't.

My other favorites
"Love & Appreciate"
"D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)"

Murs will be performing 5/5/06 in Austin, TX @ Emo's


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