Monday, March 20, 2006

It's been a minute on the update!

Haven't tapped into the blog for a bit, been non-stop and everytime that I say I need an update on Quickwits I slack. Well I'm back, not like I left, only to Austin for SXSW. Always nice to get away to Austin, even if its' only for a couple of days. Rolled down with Mike Frost on Friday straight to Factory People where we caught up with the dj's Cosmo Baker and DJ Ayers of the The Rub, Brooklyn. Ran into a bunch of peeps from Austin (Nick Nack, Starsign, Craig) , San Antonio (Scuba Gooding Sr., Mic Dagger and Chicago's (Adam, Spontanieos,DJ Piklz).
Thanks for all the mix tapes, I still have more that I need to cop! Nick's shit had me vibin' with dope remix's and laughs with the host shout'n "YEAH QUICK MIX WITH NICK NACK, you gotta peep it for yourself. Go buy it! My man Scuba's mix "Intersesting Blend" is on some true hip hop ish! Check for more info from the San Antonio dude and Prhymemates fam!

After that we hit up Gome where we caught some of Cee Plus and Chicken George's set. All I know is that after that we hit up some other locations along the strip, drinking and more drinking. The entire weekend was full of stunts and bowls! Saturday at The Fader Party I got down with them free Red Stripes. Swisher House was up in the mix, Michael 5000 Watts was holding it down between acts and I had to bust out the southside dance! All kinda' folks were up in there from Jessica @ Spectre Music, Len Lee who I finally got to meet in person, DJ Chill and Matt from Damage Control. Party was nice! So next year, seriously think about going to SXSW because it's definaltly a good place to party all the time like Eddie Murphy!

DJ Mel, Cosmo Baker, Witnes, Greenpeace


Blogger Truecraig said...

Always a pleasure, Wit. Always. Happy early birthday to Rock Box!

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