Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

Sup Sup.....whats goody? Can't believe that it is March, this month came out of know whoa. I was a little under the weather for those that care. It was exhaustion, nothing too major. New York was fun, there are pictures floating out there somewhere, I'll make sure to get them up as they come. Here are some pictures up from Mr. Matt Marand over at, Go take a look.

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Mike Frost & Witnes

In other news, the new slogan for the month is "FUCK YOU AND WIT", t-shirts and stickers coming soon! Some hateration going on locally but it never stops the kid from smiling.

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Witnes & DJ 606

Witnes will be at Club Riches on Friday nights up in the Blue Room stating March 23rd, get at me if you want that v.i.p. hook up.

Here's a new track from my boy MakesTapes who is always up to some shit, just don't call him the N word and flash west side signs at him when your on his turf.

Makestapes - Mims rmx.mp3

My homie in Brooklyn was impressed with my packaging skills, he said that if this was Ebay that he would have gave me a negative comment......LMAO You crazy Rologoldgrill.


03.12.07: @ The Flat: ROCKSTEADY MONDAYS w DJ SUN;
Special Guests THE SMALLTOWN DJS from Calgary, Alberta on 4 turntables; 1701 Commonwealth, 9pm.

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I'll be off to Austin for SXSW. DJ Dayta and DJ Witnes will be DJ'n at Karma Lounge (119 W 8th St) (21+) from 10pm-12am.....followed by keep Austin more wierd.


DJ Witnes - 12pm

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Rock Box will still be in effect Thursday night. DJ Simiyu will be holding it down until I return next week. (03.22.07) for the J Dilla listen'n event for the new cd "Ruff Draft"


SXSW - Austin, Tx

til next time........


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