Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Curits Vodka says "NoBro-mance"

The Purple Vodka Tour (Purple Crush and Curtis Vodka) stopped by Rock Box Thursday November 2nd. We went to eat Texas style Papa's BBQ for dinner, which they seemed to enjoy. I asked Curtis how the BBQ is in Alaska and he said "The reindeer burgers are good" as he drowned his fries in hot sauce. Later on that night Purple Crush performed 3 of their songs and then Curtis Vodka took control of the wheels to close the night out.

If your into electro pop, with a hip hop appeal, check out Purple Crush for some get down entertainment. During their performance, The Pop Bitch was breaking it down with some dance moves reminiscent of the Flashdance "Maniac" video. As for the young Curtis Vodka, the man is rather unique. Lets just say that he kept it upbeat, 120bpm's and up; smooth mixing and by the end of the night he was Jukin' it in the 150's.

His story of growing up in Anchorage, Alaska is one that I found very interesting. At the same time it is one that he will probably repeat in future interviews. The cold weather, depresion, gangs, drugs, racism and and other things you would not think go down in Anchorage. He began dj'n at 14 focusing more on turntablism. Began producing at 16 and dropped out of school in 10th grade. Now at 20 years of age, he has already performed throughout the states and over in Europe. He's done hella' remixes, everything from Baltimore Club, Juke, to Hip Hop. And his name and music has been a hot topic this year. It's too bad some folks want to hate on the young man, claiming that he hasn't paid his dues; I guess this happens when your young and talented. Later that night we stopped by KPFT studios to visit The Rad Rich Show, and when they asked Curtis, "So what can we look forward to in the music scene if we visit Alaska?" Curtis replied "Don't go to Alaska."

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