Monday, October 23, 2006

Back in the H!

Back from NYC! Good Good Times. Lots of pics coming soon.
Here's a pic of me leaving Harlem with my new LRG "dunny" jacket. I had the hardest time finding a medium. You won't catch me in 5XL.

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Got off the plane and guess who I'm greeted by? No other than Mr.Rad Rich. My Pops scooped me from the airport and we went and had lunch with Moms. I was craving some Texas BBQ but instead we hit up Luby's.

And now the line up for the upcoming weeks.

Thursday, come out dressed up, American Apparel is giving out Gift Cards for the best costumes. Rock Box Thursday

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Next Thursday is a special event at Rock Box with a low cover of $5. Curtis Vodka producer/dj from Alaska and the poppy, funky, hip-hop, jazz and rock band Purple Crush

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Next Friday I'll be playing at 2 events. Make them both if you can! My man BBC, Comp One and the entire Bench crew have been holding down this monthly event with that true hip hop shit!

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Also that night Aerosol Warfare and others are showing their support to the skate community by hosting this event so we can get a REAL PUBLIC SKATE PARK in the city. This project is waaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue. Kick, PUSH and coast!

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