Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thats wus up!

My long time homie Jamie Moore has been doing the dam thing since I can remember. A former b-boy with his dreadlocks looking like a member from"Young Black Teenager" during the Golden Years of Tribe Called Quest and Hieroglyphics. I have seen the picture, believe that. At the same time he was into his graff experimentation phase where he took on the name Ish. Dude was hungry for hip hop, I think a lot of us were during this time. We first started kicking it around 95-96. Reprogram was the only true hip hop night of the week where you could go and get your weekely dose. During this same time, record store 'Still Diggin' was the place where local DJ's got exposed to the independent hip hop and the turntablist movement. Mr. Ish was well determined to follow the path of dj's like Big Wiz, Cipher, Baby C and Sest who all inspired him.

From a boy to man, 11 years later, Ish has put in work! A club/mix tape dj, beat maker, promoter and former radio producer of After Dark radio, this man should not be taken lightly. He's the back bone of Lower Life Form , the laid back, down south, beer drinking, story telling low lifes. They are also one of Houston's most underrated hip hop groups that have the skate community behind them and are endorsed by Rock Adio. Now there are some people that claim they are just straight hip hop, which is fine and dandy, but remember that hip hop has a history of electronic and house beats, so a dj should never limit him or herself to just one genre.

Here you have it. A mix done so fresh and so clean, a lot of fans would probably not expect this from Ish, I know I didn't, but thats what makes it more interesting. The new mix "Thats Wus Up!!" by the Disco Pimp a.k.a. Ish brings a hipster blend of electronic music, remixes, a touch of hip hop and more. For the hip hop fans that are not ashamed to admit that they dig electronic music and own a New Order cassette, this mix might make you go get a surfer cut, keep the swoop and spray some sun-n to bleach them bangs. Have a fun summer!

Download "Thats Wus Up!!"


Blogger capski said...

yo wit!
Just wanted to yell and say thanks for having me and the teachers out on thursday.

be well.

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