Tuesday, September 11, 2007

8 Questions with DJ I-P Freely

This Thursday DJ I-P Freely returns to Rock Box. We got the chance to ask homie a few questions to get you familiar with him and what's going on in his world.

1. Records or Serato? Why?
I'd have to say vinyl because there's something to be said about a DJ who actually puts down the effort of digging. However, being that it's impossible to compete with the MP3 DJ expect me to break and buy Serato.

2. One impacting memory from 1993.
Getting dissed by an employee at Footlocker when I asked for Pumas. I saw Digable Planets sportin' them on In Living Color but the the shoes hadn't quite hit Houston yet. The employees last memory of Pumas were the shits with fake fur on the shoes.

3. Opinion about DJ's that don't mix.
You're not a DJ if you don't mix. You simply play records for fun.

4. If some one from New York asked you about the party scene in Houston, how would you respond?
Badly segregated. Houstonians are too close minded.

5. One Hip Hop producer you would pick as most vital to the culture.
That's a very specific question. I'd have to say DJ Premier. He has always emphasized within himself what he wants to do for the culture through his sound. All of his music is very well calculated to serve a purpose for the culture.

6. Most memorable video on MTV between 1980-1990.
Man, I never had cable so that's a hard one for me. I do remember seeing Public Enemy's "Night of the Living Basheads" and thinking that was a great video.

7. 3 Words that describe I.P. Freely.
Natural Born Killer

8. Closing Statements. "I kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, and I jet"


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