Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bun-B that's Texas baby! $hort Dog that's Oakland baby!

That boy DJ Platurn was down in Texas for an Austin and Houston mini tour. Platurn is a name to look out for when it comes to Oakland and the Bay Area. We got the chance to show Platurn that Southern hospitality and how we do things in Texas!

1. Tell the people a little about yourself. How long you been in the game? Your Crew? Any other things you’d like people to know.
Tall. Blanco. Music nerd. Dedicated. Yay Area. Oakland Faders. Started in ’94 geekin’ out watching Bay dj’s at wherehouse parties. Never said anything. Just watched. Inspired by balance and beer.

2. Who were some of the DJ’s that inspired you to become DJ Platurn?
First and foremost…Jam Master Jay. After that, Aladdin, Q-Bert, My dad, DJ Scratch from EPMD, Melo-D, All Bay Area DJ’s, Team Canada & my crew.

3. You just finished up a west coast tour “The Lookout Weekend Tour”, how was that?
Real fresh! A labour of love but one of the best things I ever did in my career. The tour was a testament to what we are capable of doing on the West, despite distance barriers and things of that nature. The West Coast is alive and jumping and pulling this off on the independent tip shows how solid our scene is out here.

4. You just did a show in Austin and tonight your in Houston, What kinda vibe are you feeling from Texas?
I fuckin’ love you guys. There really is nothing in the world like southern hospitality and G.W. does not speak for your state. The fact that Austin is your capital and being as liberal as it is says a lot about Texas culture. I love coming down here and the art and music scene is bubbling with some of the best out there. Don’t mess with Texas suckas!

5. You mentioned how The Bay and Texas have this connection. Music and culture, elaborate a little on that.
A big part of Oakland’s past has to do with people migrating from the south (mainly New Orleans and Texas) to work the docks in Oakland in the early 1900’s. There is and always has been a heavy southern influence in the Bay and in Oakland in particular. West Oakland(where the docks are) use to be a cultural haven in the Bay that consisted of a vivrant scene full of great Blues and Jazz venues and energetic neighborhoods and some of the best soul food you could experience outside of the South. It’s 2007 now and gentrification is one of the ugliest mothefuckers to ever come out of human nature, in both the O and Texas as well!

6. What can people expect next from DJ Platurn?
An EP on the way featuring a hand-full of incredible Bay Area artists vocalizing over some slap happy futuristic funk, more and more traveling and a full fledged Oakland Faders take-over in 2008! WORD!!!

7. Any last shout outs, closing statements, jokes, pranks?
DJ Witnes will kick your ass.

DJ Platurn
Oakland Faders


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