Monday, January 29, 2007

January coming to a close

Don't be mad at us!

Soooo glad this week is over......Wednesday night was the Young Love listening party over at A38. Here are some pictures

Thursday was my Moms birthday whome I dearly love and am so thankful for the relationship that we share. I love ya Momz!

Thursday night over at Rock Box the Houston Chronicles' Jordan Graber came through to cover the night. Check out the pictures

Antonio - Cafe con Leche

Friday front page of

Friday night was the Envy Magazine 3 year anniversary party. DJ 606 and myself held it down on the tunes for the evening and in my opinion "we brought the heat!" Big shout out to all my friends and family that showed up. I love yall! Look out for the pictures in next months issue. Be sure to pick up the January issue as well to peep "ya boy eh heh" (in a jay-z voice) in the back like a Maybach, get it? nevermind......

Saturday night I played at a private party out in the Hieghts. Even though it was private you know I had to invite my peeps. Lets just say it was the kind of private party that you have to know the right folks to be at. BLOG'N!!! Hopefully I'll have some pics soon.

So back to grill. This week haps

Thursday 02.01.07 is my brothers' birthday, Vito Corleone. You can't fade them Zapata boys! We might be from the suburbs but ain't on no Alpha Dog type shit. holler!

Thursday Night 02.01.07

Friday 02.02.07

Saturday 02.03.07 I'm off to Austin for that PRPL DRNK SON! GET YOURS!!!

and lastly The World According To Pretty Toney


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