Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It you don't bout Nasty Nes, you should!

(A NASTY 80'S FLASHBACK (l-r): DJ Magic Mike (WPYO-FL), Nasty-Nes & the Shockmaster Glen Boyd!, taken from RapAttackLives.com)

My man Nasty Nes has been in the game for a hot minute! Currently he's holding things down over at Rap Attack Lives and is the true voice for college radio since 1985. Thats real! He's also known for his appearance as a caller on Eazy-E's 1988 single, "Radio" on Ruthless Records which was one of my first records that my father bought for me. And here I am 17 years later honored to be a part of him as a reporting college dj. He also was the radio jock in Sir Mix-a-Lot's classick video "Posse on Broadway!" Do your research and check check....check the method. He posted dj's most memorable moments for 2005 and some pictures of reporting dj's. Take a Look! Rap Attack Lives!


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