Sunday, December 04, 2005

Top Notch Producer J Dilla!

Early this year a statement made by ?uest Love of the Roots incorrectly reported that J Dilla "was sick and in the hospital -- but he is not in a coma." Well he is sick and the only news that I've read is that "Jay has been battling kidney problems as a result of malnutrition." (Jay With that information out, my crew and I at Late Nite Snax decided to support the great producer by dedicating a block set of his music and encouraged fans and listeners to keep him in your prayers. Currently pictures have been put up on the net of J Dilla performing in a wheel chair and his looks are almost unrecognizable. More Pictures This is really sad to see someone transforming from one look to a look of someone slowly deteriorating. His next project Jay Dee / J Dilla - "Donuts" CD/2LP is scheduled for release on Feb. 7, 2006. J Dilla's disography


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